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"Advertisers must work hard to communicate their message to their target customers. Reaching beyond traditional advertising is the key to growth and success. Media Mechanics work closely with the media to create promotional tie-ins that make sense for the brand."

We are Design Mechanics and our Mechanics at Media Garage Group can take your advertising message and add the spark it needs to attract the consumer’s attention.

Whether you’re interested in logo designs, marketing brochures, direct mail pieces, trade show displays, point-of-purchase designs, website designs, bus wraps or outdoor billboards, we have the experience and the tools to design, develop and produce your vision, while keeping with your advertising objectives.


The Design Mechanics here at Media Garage Group in St. Petersburg, Florida specialize in taking your advertising message to the masses. We help you to develop images, ideas and messages that will engage your target audience with a memorable, effective advertising design.


  • LOGO DESIGN. Create an image that personifies the energy and message of your brand. We have a way of using your vision, mission, objectives and corporate culture to create a logo that strongly encompasses your brand.


  • MARKETING BROCHURE. Create an at-a-glance menu of your company’s services with a well-organized, full-color marketing brochure that properly positions you in the market.


  • DIRECT MAIL PIECES. Meet your customers right where they are with attractive direct mail pieces that succinctly communicates your message, offering and call to action without sounding too “pitchy.”


  • TRADE SHOW DISPLAYS. We offer a wide range of trade show displays in various shapes and sizes designed to help you put your best foot forward at the next industry event.


  • POINT-OF-PURCHASE DESIGNS. We can create POP marketing pieces that speak directly to your intended target without missing a beat.


  • WEBSITE DESIGN. You have just seconds to capture your visitors’ attention with a site that is attractive enough and an offer that is compelling enough to get them to click through to the next page. Let us help you pinpoint that can’t-miss offer and design a site around it.


  • VEHICLE WRAPS. Create vehicle wraps that are impactful and take your message all over town with attractive, on-brand marketing.


  • OUTDOOR BILLBOARDS. Build brand awareness and broaden your appeal with outdoor billboard ads designed to put your message in front of hundreds of thousands of potential clients every single day.


Contact a member of our creative team at Media Garage Group and get immediate assistance with your marketing and promotional design needs. We have the creativity, experience and state-of-the-art tools of the trade to help you design, develop and produce and enhance your vision.