Media Planning
Media Planning

Media Planning - Radio, Television, Newspaper, Magazines, Internet

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Media Planning
Media Planning

Media Planning - Radio, Television, Newspaper, Magazines, Internet

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"The Media Plan is like an instruction manual for driving an automobile.
It’s the pivot point or hub of the overall marketing plan.
We at Media Garage Group will make sure you have the right gas
in your tank to deliver results and increase profits."



Television is the largest mass medium available to advertisers. In the United States, almost every household owns at least one television set and in many cases multiple sets. Television is the most powerful tool for any advertiser, since it offers sight, sound, motion and emotion. In the United States, the average home’s television is switched on an average of 7.5 hours daily. Our Media Mechanics have the right tools to make the best decisions for reaching your target audience. We use data from Nielsen ratings to determine what your customer is watching. We use qualitative and quantitative statistics to place your ad campaign on the right station to reach your target audience.


Cable TV is made up of a wide variety of different networks, many of which specialize in certain kinds of programs or appeal to certain types of people. Cable advertising is often called ‘narrowcasting’ since the capabilities of programs can reach a NICHE market.


With 100’s of different networks or channels to choose from, knowing which channel or network to buy can be daunting. Take the guesswork out of the equation and hire a Media Garage Media Mechanic today to help create the best advertising plan for your business.


Radio works as an everywhere medium. Radio is an intimate form of advertising where many listeners are traveling alone and captive behind the wheel. Listeners develop strong relationships identifying with their music and bonding with the on-air personalities.


We target listeners by selecting stations by specific formats that MATCH desired demographics. Radio formats provide the ability to identify with the gender, age and economic status of the desired target demographic. With the use of Arbitron numbers, our Media Mechanics can determine which stations or station is right for your product.


Outdoor serves three primary purposes. To launch a product or service, provide direction and serve as a reminder – reinforcing the brand. This medium reaches a high number of potential clients out of home when it is difficult to achieve advertising avoidance a.k.a “in your face”.


Outdoor advertising generates a daily repeat exposure to potential customers and acts as a reminder, reinforcing the brand’s image for sustained brand awareness. Our Media Mechanics get in the car and physically scope out the billboard locations in your service area. Do you know if a billboard on the right side of the road is better than the left? We do.


Unlike the previously mentioned passive forms or ‘lean-back’ media, the internet is considered a ‘lean forward’ method of advertising, since the consumer is in control. No longer can you ignore the power of the internet and what it can do for your business.


With over a billion monthly searches on Google, we help advertisers achieve success with our SEO marking services. Websites need fuel to be seen online and our Media Mechanics have the gas to help propel your brand into mainstream today.


Within the last few years, the mobile phone has moved from the primary function of making a phone call to a full arsenal of communications and advertising possibilities. Mobile marketing, texting, picture messaging, video streaming, television and downloadable apps offer new avenues to make contact with the consumer right in the palm of their hand. A cell phone should be looked at as a mobile computer that delivers messages to target audiences.


Direct mail campaigns can generate leads, promote special offers, support other campaigns, communicate with customers and raise your visibility in your market. Direct mail can be an efficient vehicle for your company if you focus on strategic, targeted mailings instead of large bulk mail campaigns, which draw very low response rates at much higher costs than online marketing. Let our Design Mechanics create a piece that is sure to catch the eye and leave a lasting impression on a potential customer. 


An advantage of newspaper advertising is the flexibility to select the section in which your ad is placed so you REACH the consumer that is more likely to be interested in your product. Did you know that placement matters? Day of the week? Section? Our Media Mechanics do and they can help maximize the effectiveness of your newspaper advertising.


With extreme narrow focus, Magazine advertising can drill down to reach the ultimate targeted consumer on a economical and sociological level. Magazines offer an increased niche focus and can attain a desired upscale audience. Ask our Media Mechanics if trade, business to business, or retail magazine advertising is the right fit for your product or service.